1 unsafe work is an untold problem: UNREPORTED, overlooked, ignored; hidden, secret, unrecounted, unrevealed, undisclosed, undivulged, unpublished.

2 unsafe work has untold implications: BOUNDLESS, immeasurable, incalculable, limitless, unlimited, infinite, measureless; countless, innumerable, endless, numberless, uncountable; numerous, many, multiple; literary multitudinous, myriad. ANTONYMS limited.

UNSAFE, UNTOLD: The overlooked consequences of unsafe work around the world.

According to the ILO, 6,300 people die each day from a work related accident or disease; 1 worker dies every 15 seconds. Unsafe work is an untold problem with untold consequences that we can’t continue to ignore.

Start by learning the facts from Governor General award winning communicator, Jessica DiSabatino. Attend an Unsafe, Untold presentation at a college or university near you.

Upcoming Presentations

Dalhousie University – Sept. 5, 2017
University of Calgary – Sept. 12, 2017
University of Calgary – Sept. 13, 2017
University of Calgary – Sept. 14, 2017
St. Clair College – Sept. 22, 2017
University of Ottawa – Oct. 19, 2017
Saskatchewan Polytechnic – Nov. 29, 2017
Seneca College – Feb. 8, 2018
University of Toronto – Feb. 12, 2018

*more dates TBA