For Canadians, April 28th marks the Workers Day of Mourning. On that day, we pause to remember those who have been killed or injured at work. Moreover, it’s a critical opportunity to teach our youth about the realities of working in Canada: each day, 3 Canadians are killed; 700 more are seriously injured. The sad truth is that our students are most at risk.

If we are to change the culture of safety in Canada, it must start in our schools. We can can make Canada the world’s safest place to work. But it will take courage.

This year on the Workers' Day of Mourning, MySafeWork is holding our first annual Courageous live-stream event. Our goal to inspire every Canadian student to have the courage to oppose unsafe working conditions. Join thousands of other Canadians in watching Courgageous on April 28th!

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At the age of 18, David Ellis was killed in a workplace accident. He was given limited training and no supervision. It was his second day on the job. After David's death, Rob Ellis started MySafeWork, a not-for-profit organization and registered charity.

Our mission is to prevent workers from getting injured and killed at work. Since 1999, we've reached millions of people with a simple message: don't work for a company that doesn't respect you. At the same time, we inspire companies to achieve greatness in safety culture.