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Pro Renovations Solutions Inc.11-4040 Creditview Road, Suite 193, Mississauga, OntarioNovember 1, 2016Critical injury$60,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to provide fall protection methods. Reg. 213/91, s. 26.1(2)
Forma-Con Construction (1428508 Ontario Limited of Concord)407 Basaltic Road, Concord, OntarioApril 21, 2015Fatality$285,000Ontario Ministry of LabourSection 25(2)(h)
Sunny RoofingN/ASeptember 25, 2016Safety violation$56,000Ontario Ministry of LabourSix contraventions of Reg. 213/91.
Fracan (Frazier Industrial Company)163 North Murray Street, Trenton, OntarioMarch 8, 2016Permanent crushing injury$55,000Ontario Ministry of LabourMoving materials without necessary precautions and safeguards. Reg. 851, s. 45(a).
IKO Industries Ltd.1 Yorkdale Road, Suite 602, Toronto, OntarioJune 7, 2016Critical injury$85,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Steelcon Fabrication Inc.62 Progress Court, Brampton, OntarioJuly 11, 2016Critical injury$70,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Delsan - A.I.M. Environmental Services Inc.7825 Henri-Bourassa Boulevard East, Montreal, QuebecApril 18, 2016Injury$60,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Dove Foods Limited46 Sandringham Drive, Toronto, OntarioJuly 29, 2015Failure to pay workers$75,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
FGF Brands Inc.475 North Rivermede Road, Concord, OntarioJuly 30, 2016Critical injury$70,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Lafarge Canada Inc.6509 Airport Road, Mississauga, OntarioMarch 2, 2016Injury$115,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Drummond Metal Fabrication Ltd.39 Drummond St., Toronto, OntarioOctober 21, 2015Critical injury$50,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Toronto Crane Service Inc.360A Deerhide Crescent, Toronto, OntarioJune 22, 2016Fatality$95,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Dayus Roofing Inc.5120 Halford Road, Windsor, OntarioDecember 11, 2015Fatality$90,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Rex Pak Limited85 Thornmount Drive, Toronto, OntarioDecember 1, 2016Failure to address safety violations$60,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Thomson Construction Ltd.6904 London Line, Watford, OntarioNovember 4, 2015Critical injury$50,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Regency Plastics Company Limited358 Flint Road, Toronto, OntarioApril 28, 2016Permanent injury$50,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Maple Leaf Foods Inc. / Les Aliments Maple Leaf Inc.6985 Financial Drive, Mississauga, OntarioSeptember 4, 2015Injury$110,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Bridgestone Canada Inc. / Firestone Textiles Company5770 Hurontario Street, Suite 400, Mississauga, OntarioSeptember 14, 2015Injury$70,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
FCA Canada Inc. / Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV1 Riverside Drive West, Windsor, OntarioJuly 26, 2015Injury$140,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
City of Toronto55 John Street, 3rd floor, Toronto, OntarioFebruary 5, 2017Safety violation$60,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Grenville Castings / Magna Structural Systems Inc.337 Magna Drive, Aurora, OntarioMay 9, 2015Permanent injury$50,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Aspect Retail Logistics Inc.1400 Church Street, Pickering, OntarioMay 10, 2016Permanent injury$75,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Sousa Ready Mix Inc.1351 McAdoo's Ln, Glenburnie, OntarioApril 18, 2016Injury$70,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Yi Yi Construction / Ji Nan LiN/ADecember 3, 2015Injury30 days jailOntario Ministry of Labour
Maple Leaf Foods Inc.440 Glover Road South, Hannon, OntarioMarch 23, 2016Injury$120,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Entegrus Powerlines Inc.320 Queen St., Chatham, OntarioAugust 11, 2016Injury$70,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Town of Innisfil2101 Innisfil Beach Road, Barrie, OntarioJanuary 27, 2016Critical injury$100,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Glencore Canada Corporation100 King Street West, Suite 6900, Toronto, OntarioOctober 20, 2015Fatality$200,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Winli Apparel Manufacturing Inc.80 Rolark Drive, Scarborough, OntarioAugust 21, 2017Failure to pay workers$49,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Concord Premium Meats Ltd. / Cucina Marcangelo Foods220 Wilkinson Road, Brampton, OntarioMay 22, 2013Young worker injury$55,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
R.M. Belanger Limited100 Radisson St, Chelmsford, OntarioNovember 3, 2016Injury$125,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Royal Ottawa Health Care Group1145 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, OntarioOctober 10, 2014Critical injury$75,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
ClubLink Corporation ULC15675 Dufferin St, King City, OntarioMay 27, 2015Young worker injury$50,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Orbit Garant Drilling Services Inc.1 Place Ville Marie, 37th floor, Montreal, QuebecJune 25, 2014Fatality$200,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
NexCycle Industries Ltd.325 Orenda Road, Brampton, OntarioNovember 3, 2015Permanent injury$65,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Metro Ontario Inc.Workplace Address: 900 Lasalle Boulevard, Sudbury, OntarioNovember 24, 2015Injury$80,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Vaughan Paving Ltd.220 Basaltic Road, Concord, OntarioAugust 27, 2014Fatality$125,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Siemens Wind Power Ltd.1577 North Service Road East, Oakville, OntarioJuly 13, 2015Injury$60,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
M & P Tool Products Inc.43 Regan Road, Brampton, OntarioFebruary 23, 2016New worker permanent injury$80,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to provide information, instruction, and supervision. Section 25(2)(a).
O-I Canada Corporation777 Kipling Avenue, Toronto, OntarioFebruary 27, 2016Permanent injury$100,000Ontario Ministry of LabourLack of lockout precautions on machinery. Section 25(1)(c).
Dare Foods Limited2481 Kingsway Drive, Kitchener, OntarioMarch 1, 2016New worker injury$67,500Ontario Ministry of LabourLack of guard on machinery. Reg. 851, s. 25.
Domtar Inc.395 De Maisonneuve Boulevard West, Montreal, QuebecJuly 18, 2015Permanent injury$50,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to block machinery movement. Reg. 851, s. 75(b).
Paragon Farms (Great Lakes Pork Inc.; Ontario Management Group Inc.)636 Concession 4, Nanticoke, OntarioDecember 15, 2015Permanent injury$55,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to ensure protective eyewear is worn. Section 25(2)(h).
Steve BellBelleville, OntarioOctober 7, 2015Failure to address safety violations$10,000; 1 day jailOntario Ministry of LabourReg. 213/91, Construction Projects
Golden Mile Auto Collision31 Comstock Road, Scarborough, OntarioNovember 1, 2015Failure to pay worker$10,000Ontario Ministry of Labour
Essroc Canada Inc.1370 Highway 49, Picton, OntarioApril 29, 2016Critical injury$50,000Ontario Ministry of LabourLack of guard on machinery. Reg. 851.
Sunwest Food Processors Ltd.35 Northland Road, Waterloo, OntarioJune 1, 2016Injury$55,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to block machinery movement. Reg. 851, s. 75(a).
Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited5200 Orbitor Dr., Mississauga, OntarioJuly 19, 2014Injury$70,000Ontario Ministry of LabourLack of guard on machinery. Reg. 851, s. 24.
LCBOWorkplace Address: 170 Sandalwood Parkway, Brampton, OntarioApril 24, 2013Injury$100,000Ontario Ministry of LabourMoving materials without necessary precautions and safeguards. Reg. 851, s. 45(a).
Sleep Country Canada Inc.140 Wendell Avenue, Unit 1, Toronto, OntarioJanuary 21, 2016Critical injury$60,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to provide high visibility safety apparel. Section 25(2)(h).
Anchor Shoring & Caissons Ltd.40 King Street West, Suite 5002, Toronto, OntarioNovember 13, 2015Injury$50,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to adequately brace structure. Reg. 213/91, Construction Projects.
Martinrea International Inc. / Hydroform Solutions3210 Langstaff Road
Vaughan, Ontario
June 21, 2015Critical injury$75,000Ontario Ministry of LabourMoving materials without necessary precautions and safeguards. Reg. 851, s. 45(a).
Paiva Roofing Ltd.2283 Argentia Road, Suite #22, Mississauga, OntarioApril 30, 2015Critical injury$57,500Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to provide guardrail system. Reg. 213/91, Construction Projects, s. 26.1(1).
Federal Force Protection AgencyWorkplace Address: 50 Centre Street South,
Oshawa, Ontario
February 6, 2017Failure to develop harassment and violence prevention programs$70,000Ontario Ministry of LabourSection 32.0.1(1)(a), Section 32.0.1(1)(b), Section 32.0.2(1), Section 32.0.3(1), Section 32.0.6(1), Section 32.0.5(2)(a), Section 32.0.7
Matrix Logistics Services Ltd.6941 Kennedy Road, Mississauga, OntarioMay 17, 2012Permanent injury$70,000Ontario Ministry of LabourLack of guard on machinery. Reg. 851, s. 25.
Konecranes Canada Inc5300 Mainway Road, Burlington, OntarioJuly 16, 2015Fatality$125,000Ontario Ministry of LabourSection 25(2)(h)
FranCar 2000 Inc.330 Applewood Crescent, Concord, OntarioMarch 1, 2015Fatality$150,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to ensure material will not tip, collapse or fall. Reg. 851, s. 45(b)(i).
Goldcorp Canada Ltd. (Porcupine Gold Mines)40 King Street West/Scotia Plaza, Suite 2100, Toronto, OntarioSeptember 24, 2014Injury$55,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to ensure that hopper was adequately braced. Reg. 213/91, s. 31(1)(b).
Miller Paving Ltd.505 Milner Avenue, Box 4080, Markham, OntarioSeptember 24, 2014Injury$40,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to ensure that hopper was adequately braced. Reg. 213/91, s. 31(1)(b).
Echaufauds Plus (Laval) Inc. (Action Scaffold Services)7151 Fir Tree Drive, Mississauga, OntarioMay 27, 2015Permanent injury$85,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to provide non-defective work platform. Reg. 213/91, s. 135(2).
Peterborough Iron & Metal Inc.513 Westney Road South, Unit 4, Ajax, OntarioAugust 18, 2015Fatality$105,000Ontario Ministry of LabourOperating excavator a manner that endangers the safety of workers. Reg. 851, s. 56.
Regional Municipality of Waterloo150 Frederick Street, Kitchener, OntarioOctober 1, 2015Asbestos exposure$50,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to notify a worker about materials containing asbestos. Reg. 278/05.
Toromont Industries Ltd.3131 Highway 7 West, Concord, OntarioAugust 21, 2015Serious crushing injury$115,000Ontario Ministry of LabourFailure to secure machinery against tipping or falling. Reg. 851, s. 46.




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