An Employer’s Story: Safety is Personal

Wow.. it is hard to put in words just how impressed my family and I are to see this video by an employer talking about his experience when one of his workers was seriously injured on the job. Mike Honeyman, Regional Manager, Arctic Arrow Powerline Group, in Cranberry, British Columbia, goes on the record in this powerful video produced by WorkSafe BC. The fact that the entire video is from the perspective of the employer – and what he could have done to avoid an accident that cost a worker an arm and a leg – is very special.

Among the many meaningful things said by Mr. Honeyman in this video, is this statement from the heart:

“It doesn’t matter what you have written down in a book, if that doesn’t translate into something real for the people that you are responsible for, as a business owner, it means nothing.

That kind of raw honesty and accountability of one’s self is worth all our admiration. Thank you, Mike Honeyman, and thank you, WorkSafe BC, for giving us this testimony of employer responsibility for safety.

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  1. Powerful Video. Well said. It truly is about getting in the field or the shop floor with your people and leading a positive safety culture. Walking the walk. Good Share.

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